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Pioneer in second language publishing, an imprint of Middle Earth LLC.

The purpose of Baggins & Gamgee is to liberate the creative momentum of ESL writers in Asia. Though English plays an important role in student’s day-to-day studies, the emphasis on exams and grades has made studying English an unproductive practice and mere burden, especially in Eastern Asia. The common yet impractical pursuit of “accurate English” has deterred the ESL production in this very region.

Starting from Taiwan, we demonstrate the possibility of ESL writing through Taiwanse English literaure. By enriching the definition of Taiwanese literature, it breaks the creative boundary and gives individuals a different choice to voice and record their stories and experiences. Meanwhile, it paves way for creating a diverse presentation of “Taiwanese English”.

亞洲英語創作出版: Baggins & Gamgee

Experience the Magic of Literature

Discover the magic of reading with our book demo videos! We turn our books into engaging videos, perfect for potential readers and ESL learners. With visuals and text combined, our videos offer an immersive experience, making reading enjoyable and educational for everyone.