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Join our team to make a difference. 

As an ambassador, you need to understand our values and what we are fighting for.

Middle Earth LLC is the forefront of English publishing in Asia, aiming to promote writers who aspire to create in English as second language. We offer opportunities for writers/illustrators/comic artists to publish their works so that their stories could be spread worldwide.

Moreover, we deliver TESOL courses to cultivate next generation ESL teachers who will be capable of giving English lessons globally and inspiring students to engage in English acquisition for interesting purposes other than exam preparation.

By doing what we do, we are fostering the creative momentum in Asia and we are setting our roots Taiwan. 

Benefits of an Ambassador

  • Exclusive Ambassador Code: Gain access to a personalized discount code, offering discounts on our books. Share your code with your followers and watch your impact grow!
  • Free Books & Products: As an ambassador, it is only logical that you get to enjoy our books for free. You will also have the opportunity to acquire and showcase our latest accessories for book promotion while giving your social media exposure a touch of literature passion.
  • Commission Opportunities: We offer commission rewards based on the sales you generate through your ambassador efforts. The more you promote our books, the more you will be rewarded for your dedication and influence.

Criteria for Becoming an Ambassador

  • Active Public Instagram Profile: We are looking for ambassadors with vibrant Instagram profiles. The ability to reach community and make a positive influence is crucial to showcase your passion for books and literature.  
  • Strong Communication Skills: Communication is vital. Our ambassadors are effective communicators who can articulate the value and missions of Middle Earth with clarity and enthusiasm. Whether it is crafting compelling captions or engaging with followers, your ability to convey our brand’s message is paramount.
  • Regular Content Production: Middle Earth ambassadors are dedicated to producing high-quality, consistent content that resonates with their audience. Your content will inspire others to embrace reading and appreciate fine works of our authors. 

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