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Middle Earth Education partners with International TEFL Training Institute (iTTi) to provide high quality 120-hour online TESOL certification courses in Taiwan.

Our online course makes learning possible everywhere, actualizing borderless education to accelerate your dreams. 

120-Hour Online TESOL Certification

Online TESOL Course Delivery

Self-study with 10 hour Expert Guidance​

Our online TESOL course allows students to arrange their learning schedules independently through an online learning platform. Students will complete their full 120-hour TESOL course assignments and exams on the learning platform. Meanwhile, to facilitate their study and enhance their essential teaching skills, students will undergo a total of 10 hours of online face-to-face sessions with our certified experts to engage in multiple aspects of teaching practicum.

As it is a fully self-paced learning program, students can take as much time as they need. However, to ensure the best learning results, we recommend that our students complete their 120-hour study within 3 to 6 months. Additionally, students should be able to arrange a one-hour meeting session with the expert weekly.

Our training goal is to make sure our certified TESOL teachers possess the ability to teach globally. Therefore, the existing course delivery emphasizing live group lectures in Taiwan where trainees receive text book instructions from lecturer is not only redundant but not ideal for equipping a qualified global ESL teacher capable of adapting into different teaching environments and cultural backgrounds. Our delivery focuses on cultivating our trainees’ research and planning abilities so they can create lesson plans tailored to the ever-changing training needs of their students.

Since our delivery eliminates unnecessary class hours and focuses solely on essential content, our fee is more competitive than other course providers. Add us on Line or fill in the form below to acquire more information about our fees.

Break boundaries, live freely, work on your own terms.
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Online TESOL Course Q&A

Everything you need to know before signing up TESOL

Credibility: International TEFL Training Institute’s accreditation has been validated by the State Department of the United States and bears the official seal and the original signature of John Kerry, Secretary of State.

Diversity: We bring extensive cross-cultural teaching experience, ensuring diverse and global perspectives for our students.

Affordability: We offer competitive price and installment payment plan to lighten your economic burden. 

Excellency: Our graduates have a proven track record of success, securing positions in esteemed institutions worldwide. Employers include public-school systems in South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Japan, as well as prestigious universities like Yale and King Saud University. Leading organizations in EFL teaching, such as Education First, International House, and Kaplan International Colleges, prefer our graduates. Our reputation for excellence speaks for itself, with numerous schools recognizing our graduates as the best of the best.

Applicants must provide evidence of a B2 level certificate or its equivalent (TOEIC 785 above; IELTS 5.5 above). In the absence of such credentials, applicants will be required to undergo an English test and interview conducted by our center. This process aims to evaluate their English proficiency, teaching expertise, and motivation for enrolling in the TESOL course, forming the fundamental basis for admission assessment.

TESOL Taiwan

Experienced educators aiming to enhance their English teaching abilities.

Novice instructors seeking to enter the field of English education.

Enthusiastic individuals passionate about teaching English, desiring to acquire new skills or transition careers.
Chinese educators interested in expanding their teaching repertoire to include English instruction.

Individuals intrigued by educational tourism opportunities.

TESOL Taichung

Our refund policy aligns with Taiwanese regulations. Students requesting a refund before the course’s actual start date will receive ninety percent of the total amount paid for the current class period as stipulated. For students requesting a refund after the course has commenced but within one-third of the total class hours or duration, fifty percent of the total amount paid for the current class period will be refunded. Refunds will not be provided for students who request a refund after completing one-third or more of the total class hours or duration.

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