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Online TESOL Certification

Starting from Taichung, we are providing top-notch TESOL courses for two main pursuits. First, we aim to regulate the teaching quality discrepancies among teachers to enhance ESL education in Taiwan and Asia. Second, we aim to equip talents with global mobility with the knowledge and skills to travel and work anywhere as a teacher.

Internationally Accredited & Certified Trainers

We partner with the International TEFL Training Institute (iTTi) from the United States to offer a 120-hour online TESOL certification course in Taiwan. Our instructors have extensive international teaching experience to ensure valuable learning. Unlike other centers prioritizing profit over quality, we focus on top-notch training, evaluation, and support, providing you with a standout certificate.

Project Background

Having gained expertise in ESL education in Taiwan for decades, we have noticed…

1. Inconsistent quality of TESOL certificates:

Some training centers prioritize selling certification courses over assessing students’ English skills, leading to a surplus of certified individuals lacking international teaching abilities.

2. Mixed qualifications among TESOL instructors:

Many training centers have both qualified and unqualified instructors. For TESOL to be a credible international certification, instructors need not only knowledge and skills but also actual experience teaching students of diverse cultural backgrounds.

3. Certification is unable to realize its employment potential: 

Due to the abundance of certificate holders and the varying qualifications of instructors, many certificate holders have simply purchased their certification without the necessary teaching abilities, leaving them disadvantaged in the international job market for teachers.

4. English teaching standards in Taiwan need improvement:

In most cram schools, the focus on exam-oriented teaching and teacher-centered instruction means that even certified English instructors are not effectively teaching the language. Despite the abundance of English instructors, students still struggle to fluently use English.

Project Aims

Through Project Olórin , we aim to train, enhance ESL education quality, and reach 

Qualified ESL Teachers in Taiwan
ESL Classrooms
Countries & Regions
Training Partners
TESOL Online in Taiwan

Be Your Own Entrepreneur — Work with TESOL

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. With TESOL, you have the ability to practice English teaching to ESL students anywhere — your possibilities are beyond borders. A TESOL certified professional can work in various settings including schools, language institutes, universities, and corporate environments, helping learners develop proficiency in English for academic, professional, or personal purposes.

To further unlock your global reach and true potential, you may look into many of our  inspiring examples of TESOL certified professionals.  They have pursued entrepreneurship and launched either physical training centers or online schools. If you want to pursue a English-teaching career worldwide and become your entrepreneur, don’t hesitate to add our free Line official account to get more information and advice from our experts. 

Our Online Training Courses

120hr Online TESOL Certification with Tutor

Learn with your own pace + 10hr Tutor support (Click to Know More)

50hr Online Specialized Certificate in Teaching IELTS Preparation (With Tutor)

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Ms. Yu Lin Lin

Founder of Middle Earth LLC


  • Education and Training Consultant for International NGO in Switzerland.
  • English Instructor at  Hotel Management School in Switzerland.
  • English Training Specialist in Fortune 500 company in China.

Our Certified TESOL Expert

Ms. Yu Lin Lin is the pioneer in ESL education and English publishing in Taiwan.


Her focus on reinventing ESL classrooms in Taiwan has led to an exceptional quality in TESOL courses provided in Taiwan. Unlike other training centres neglecting trainee’s competency building, trainees of iTTi Taichung are certified with equivalent knowledge and skills to deliver English training to all second language acquirers of different cultural backgrounds.


Furthermore, to offer diverse opportunities for ESL educators, her efforts in promoting local writers who aspire to create in English as a second language has opened a new door for both ESL educators and learners. To date, she has encouraged many talented ESL writers/illustrators/comic artists and published their works so that their stories could be seen worldwide.