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Project Eärendil : How to publish my English book?

English Writing Submissions

We look forward to great stories of all genres in forms of novels, illustration books or graphic novels. We are particularly keen to discover non-native English authors who aim to create in English. 

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If you would like to submit your work to us, please download the submission form and email us the requested documents to . For submissions under 1,000 words, please submit the work in its entirety.

Project Background

Having observed the educational policies, cultural atmosphere, and publishing industry in Taiwan and Eastern Asia, we noticed…

1. Absence of Local English Publication: 

For most Taiwanese students, it is highly likely that they have spent more time in English classes. In theory, this should lead to a more diverse language palette in literature. However, due to ineffective, exam-oriented English education policies, students are not encouraged to express themselves and create in a language for which they have invested a significant amount of time. Consequently, the absence of local English publications becomes a significant issue, limiting students’ growth and development in local literature.

2. The Concept of Taiwanese Literature Is Still Yet to Be Enriched : 

Despite Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant literary scene, the concept of Taiwanese literature is still in need of enrichment. Promoting second language writing in English and supporting local English writers is simply a crucial way to liberate creativity and bring the English language from school exams to everyday actualization. One must bear in mind that promoting local English writing is not intended to replace writing in Chinese. Instead, it serves as a complementary role in the realm of local literature.

Project Aims

Through Project Eärendil ​, we aim to publish and promote

Book Titles
Talented Creators
Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

Venture Your Story

Promoting English as Second Language (ESL) writers unlocks a world of diverse perspectives and unique voices.  It empowers inclusivity and celebrates the richness of linguistic diversity. Through their content with cultural depth and global resonance, we then access a more interconnected and understanding world.

Join Our English Publishing Team

Do you have drawing skills and are interested in contributing to a graphic novel project? Don’t hesitate to showcase your talents, as we may have the perfect project for you. Add our official Line account to inquire further and discuss potential opportunities.