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2024 Highlight: The Alliance of the Weak

First English Title to be Admitted in 2024 Taipei Book Award •Original Taiwanese English Illustration Novel​
The Alliance of the Weak 英語學習字卡
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The Alliance of the Weak: Volume 1
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Why should you read The Alliance of the Weak?

The Alliance of the Weak: Volume 1 is the start of a drama novel series that takes readers on a journey into a sentimental absurdity, allowing them to explore humanity in depth. While the captivating plotlines might hook you, the “pragmatic” reasons for potential readers lie within the linguistic and cultural contexts.

Linguistic Aspect: Enrich English as a Second Language

Written by author in second language, it is created to enrich representation of local Taiwanese literature and diversity of English usage. For readers interested in English as a second language, this series provides you a practical way to enhance language proficiency while enjoying an immersive literary experience.

Cultural Aspect: Explore Taiwanese Society in Depth

This series offers a unique opportunity to glimpse modern Taiwanese society without the limitations of translation. The authentic portrayal allows readers to experience the depth and diversity of Taiwanese society firsthand.

The Alliance of the Weak: Volume 1

The story sets in 2089 Taiwan where flawed looks and disabilities become the new norms of comfortable lives. Through its focus on people’s daily struggles, it reveals the pressing crisis of our time…

Written by Infinity A

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